Stranded on 9/11, The Border, and More Recently Published Books By Longhorns

Channel of Peace: Stranded in Gander on 9/11
By Kevin Tuerff, BS ’88, Life Member

On Sept. 11, 2001, Kevin Tuerff found himself stranded in Gander, Newfoundland. U.S. air traffic was halted after the terrorist attacks of that day, meaning Tuerff was unable to leave the small Canadian town. But Gander was far from a curse. Channel of Peace tells the story of the kindness and generosity Tuerff and the thousands of refugees experienced while inhabiting the area. The town’s compassion inspired him to make 9/11 a day of “giving back,” one filled with acts of kindness.



The Border
By Steve Schafer, BBA ’94

The Border centers on four teenagers in Mexico who are running for their lives after a birthday party goes awry. When gunmen enter and kill the families of Pato, Arbo, Marcos, and Gladys, the teens escape into the Mexican desert, but not before being spotted by murderous narcos, who then put out a reward for the teens’ capture. In this suspenseful tale, the pack of four face a deadly predicament: remain in Mexico where they’re being hunted, or traverse an unforgiving desert to cross the border.


Mr. Rube
By Coleen Grant Hardin, ’46, Life Member

Hardin, a 95-year-old former actress, has long heard stories about her grandfather, and for the past four years, she’s been writing them all down. Mr. Rube is an account of Reuben Henry Grant, who lived through the Civil War and reconstruction periods. “Rube” grew up on a farm with his mother and siblings while his father fought for the Confederate Army. The struggles Rube faced helped shape his many philosophies that he passed down to his children, who in turn passed them down to Hardin’s generation.


Love Unleashed
By Diane Kelly, BBA ’88, JD ’90

In this spin-off of her Paw Enforcement series, Diane Kelly centers on the ups and downs of kindergarten teacher Jessica Bellingham. If she’s not scrambling to keep a hold on her class of youngsters, Jessica is trying to corral a loose Dalmatian that keeps showing up on the playground. When fireman Louie DeLuca shows up to teach her students safety tips, a new obstacle arises: romance. The two fall into a passionate relationship, but a secret from Jessica’s past could put an end to things fast.


Getting Me: The Secret to What Your Spouse Really Wants
By Gregg Medlyn and Candace Winslow, BA ’89, Life Member

The authors of Getting Me understand it’s common for careers, children, and finances to get in the way of understanding one’s spouse. According to Medlyn and Winslow, communication is key. Filled with professional and Bible-based insights, Getting Me outlines six conversations that guide spouses through engaging with each other to renew this important connection.




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