July|August Alumni Authors

The Execution of Jesus the Christ: The Medical Cause of Our Lord’s Death During His Illegal Crucifixion
By Mark J. Kubala, BA ’55, Life Member

A neurosurgeon in Beaumont, Texas, Kubala explores the cause of death of Jesus Christ. While it is commonly thought that Jesus died from asphyxiation, being unable to exhale in the hanging position he was placed in, Kubala posits this strangulation theory is unsound. Chronicling the changes Jesus’ body went through from the Last Supper up until his final moments, Kubala analyzes the medical cause of Jesus’ death—a death, he explains, that was illegal under Jewish law of the time.


Thirst for Power: Energy, Water, and Human Survival
By Michael E. Webber, BS, BA ’95, Life Member

A leader of energy technology and policy, Webber’s latest book explores the vital connections between energy and water as well as their vulnerabilities. In addition to delineating the problems that population growth, economic growth, climate change, and certain policies have on these resources, Webber outlines solutions for securing their future sustainability, through both anecdotes and information on the science of energy and water.


Enforcing the Paw
By Diane Kelly, BBA ’88, JD ’90

Part of Kelly’s Paw Enforcement series, Enforcing the Paw once again brings readers into the exciting life of Fort Worth Police Officer Megan Luz. She and her partner Brigit, a loyal canine companion, investigate a relationship gone awry. After a break-up, two former lovers claim the other has gone crazy. Megan and Brigit must use their detective skills to determine if this is a story about a stalker who can’t accept the break up or about a scorned woman seeking revenge.



La Roja
By Joseph Huerta, BA ’89, JD ’93

Set in McAllen, Texas, a town along the Mexican border rich in culture and religion, a coming-of-age tale unfolds in La Roja. The book chronicles the romance of two high school students with different backgrounds, Paco and Nancy. A recent immigrant, Nancy has had to flee Laredo, where her extended family was involved in the dangerous drug trade. Paco is an altar server at the Catholic Church and on the path to enter the seminary after high school. His plans change, though, when he meets Nancy.


Socrates and Alcibiades: Plato’s Drama of Political Ambition and Philosophy
By Ariel Helfer, MA ’13, PhD ’15

Active civic engagement was one of the most praised attributes among Greek citizenry in classical times, resulting in many politically ambitious members of society. One such figure was Alcibiades, a smart statesman from the Golden Age of Athens who later became a traitor during the Peloponnesian War. In this book, Helfer analyzes Plato’s writings on this figure: the Alcibiades, the Second Alcibiades, and the Symposium, arguing these works raise questions about the nature—and corrupt nature—of political ambition.




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