D’Onta Foreman Reveals Painful Story of His Son’s Death

Ahead of this week’s NFL Draft, NFL Network aired a profile of outgoing Longhorn running back and Doak Walker Award winner D’Onta Foreman, with one shocking revelation. On September 16, Foreman’s girlfriend Carissa gave birth to a their child at only 23 weeks pregnant. D’Onta Jr. was born weighing just 15 ounces.

The following Saturday night against Cal, Foreman celebrated a touchdown by rocking an invisible baby, a tribute to his newborn son. Still, no one knew, or even questioned if Foreman had a child.

“That was, I think, the tipping point for him. I think the birth of his child opened his eyes,” said former Texas running backs coach Anthony Johnson in the NFL Network profile, “and from that point on, he went on a tear.”

On Saturday, November 5, Foreman ripped off 341 yards and three touchdowns against Texas Tech in Lubbock, the third-highest rushing yard total in Texas history. What no one knew, was that the night before, D’Onta Jr. had developed an intestinal infection. The morning of the game, D’Onta’s mother called to inform him that his son had died.

“That was the best game of my life,” Foreman said. “It was like … ‘I’m doing it for my son.'”

Foreman and his twin brother Armanti drove back to their family home in Texas City, where the emotions finally came pouring out.

“I was like numb. I was driving and then I was crying while I was driving,” Foreman says. “I was crushed and I was so hurt. I feel like something was taken away from me before I even really got the chance to experience it.”

Foreman also revealed that Carissa is pregnant again, and is serendipitously due on what would have been D’Onta Jr.’s first birthday, September 16, 2017.

“He will never be replaced,” Foreman said. “But to have another baby on the same day … I hope it happens.”




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