July|August 2016 Alumni Authors

Alumni AuthorsOn Cedar Hill

by Emil Kresl, MPAff ’16,

In On Cedar Hill, things are not always as they appear. Through a series of vignettes, Kresl intertwines the lives of upper-middle-class residents living in the picturesque community of Cedar Hill. Riddled with scandal, mystery, and tragedy, each character’s story reveals an unexpected truth about their world.



alumni-authors-5Red Thong Strong

by Debbi Comparin, BBA ’76,
Life Member, and others

As they neared middle age, eight women began giving little red thongs to one another. Using their tradition as inspiration, these decades-long friends wrote what they’ve coined as the “girlfriends’ little secrets to smoothing life’s panty lines.” Their light-hearted look at life includes discussions on friendship, family, health, and fashion.


alumni-authors-6Against the Paw

by Diane Kelly,
BBA ’88, JD ’90

A peeping tom inspires vigilantism within a local neighborhood watch, but officer Megan Lutz and her K-9 partner have bigger problems on their hands. The fourth book in the Paw Enforcement series has the duo on the hunt for a prowling burglar while keeping suburban dads from forming a violent mob.



by Chris Barton, BA ’93, and Don Tate

Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the Super Soaker, comes to life in this illustrated biography for children. From his creative childhood to his work for NASA, the innovative engineer’s path to inventing the popular water gun is depicted every step of the way. Whoosh! is an inspiring story that will appeal to young inventors everywhere.



alumni-authors-3How I Got Here

by Ceil Lucas, MA ’75, Life Member

For the majority of her young life, Ceil Lucas was raised in 1950s Guatemala and post-war Italy. Her memoir details her transition between the two countries and finally, her return to America. Using maps, old photos, and other found documents, she learns that her ancestors were some of the first of the Europeans to arrive in America, giving her a sense of identity for the
first time.


alumni-authors-4The Lesser Talisman

by James L. Gillaspy, BA ’66, Life Member

Magic is real in the world of Gillaspy’s latest novel. Inspired by Arabian and Persian lore, he writes about an otherworldly place called Kolahvar, where a metalsmith finds a magical coin, a peasant becomes a mage, and a princess is kidnapped. In this tale of adventure—complete with kingdoms, battles, and deception, every character learns one thing: Be careful what you wish for.
Danielle Lopez and Clara Wang


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