May|June 2016 Alumni Authors

alumni-authors-3When God Calls, How Do You Answer? Becoming a Spiritual Entrepreneur

by Robert Westheimer, BA ’69, Life Member

The power of individual spirituality is explored in Robert Westheimer’s new book. Based on scripture, Westheimer discusses God’s calling to every believer. The book delves into the importance of personal spiritual missions, no matter how small, and emphasizes “spiritual entrepreneurship” in everyday life.



alumni-authorsLetters from Zulu

by A Navy Wife, BS ’00, JD ’03, Life Member

The true love story of a Navy service-member and his wife is told through their emails and journal entries, while he spends most of each year submerged hundreds of feet beneath the sea.
The extended separation tests their commitment and love nearly to the breaking point as they navigate through personal tragedies, legal struggles, loss, and death.



alumni-authors-2Attacking Defenses with Football’s I-Bone Option Offense

by Joey Lozano, BJ ’80, Life Member

Joey Lozano’s instructional book provides coaches with ways to crack six of the most commonly used defense strategies in football. Lozano illustrates the I-bone option attack offense using 200 diagrams, and by providing comprehensive analysis of each strategy. Featuring play-by-play examples of how to exploit defensive weaknesses, Lozano gives coaches another tool for their toolbox. —Clara Wang


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