Los Angeles Chapter Takes on OU on ‘The Price Is Right’

price is right photo

Texas vs. OU is no longer confined to just the court, gridiron, and diamond.

The Texas Exes Los Angeles Chapter will compete against OU on an upcoming episode of The Price is Right, set to air this Friday, March 25. The show was looking for college alumni chapters in LA for its first-ever college rivalry episode, and a producer reached out to the Texas Exes LA Chapter after getting its info from OU.

The taping was fun for both sides. After a long wait, the chapter members were seated and they turned in their cell phones to prevent leaks. “The set was a lot smaller than it appears on TV,” says chapter member Stephenie Galvan, BS ’97, Life Member. Enjoying plenty of friendly competition, the Longhorns had fun meeting local alumni and watching Drew Carey interact with the studio audience. “The highlight was the camaraderie,” Galvan says.

Photo courtesy Stephenie Galvan


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