Fredericksburg Longhorns: Don’t Mess with Texas Highways


In February 2015, members of the Fredericksburg Chapter of the Texas Exes were looking for a way to give back to the local community. Among the piles of trash strewn along a two-mile stretch of Highway 290, they also found some cold, hard cash.

During its first outing to pick up litter as part of TxDOT’s Adopt-a-Highway program, the group found two $100 bills strewn along the road, which they donated to the Texas Exes scholarship fund. “You never know what you will find mixed in with the trash,” advocacy chair Thomas Brayshaw, BA ’68, MA ’70, Life Member, says.

The Fredericksburg Chapter hits the highway five times a year, with eight to 10 chapter members picking up trash and debris along Highway 290. “It is great community service and a good way to build community within the chapter,” Brashaw says.

Besides the occasional monetary discovery, another bonus the group gets is free advertising. The state provides a sign advertising the Fredericksburg alumni on the same road that they help clean up. Thanks to the chapter’s efforts, Texas Exes pride is displayed on Highway 290 for all to see.


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