Trending Now: Bucket Hats and #SquadGoals

April 30, 2014 - Euless, TX, USA - Top basketball player Myles Turner announces that he will attend and play for the University of Texas, during ESPN broadcast at Trinity High School gym in Euless, Texas, Wednesday, April 30, 2014. (Credit Image: © Max Faulkner/TNS/

Bucket Hats
As summer heats up on campus, more and more male students have been spotted trying to relive the ’80s in the form of the bucket hat. The hat, which looks like a limp bowler hat with a Jimmy Buffet twist, has reemerged as fashion-forward. GQ listed the hat on its “Spring Survival Guide,” and Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Leonardo DiCaprio have all tried the look. Students are divided in their love or hate of the trend, and it’s unclear if they’re wearing them ironically or not. But either way, it’s clear: The bucket hat is back.

Taco Emoji
Ever wanted to communicate your burning hunger for a taste of Texas, but words just didn’t cut it? Those dark days are over. In June, the Unicode Consortium approved the addition of the taco and seven other commonly requested emojis. Taco fans with too much time on their hands have been clamoring for the icon for years, and a petition started by Taco Bell garnered more than 25,000 signatures. Other new characters include the inferior burrito, plus a hot dog, popcorn, and a champagne bottle.

Amazon Prime Now
UT students have been enjoying Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping for years, but this enables laziness on a whole new level. With Prime Now, introduced this spring, a courier will deliver your items in just two hours—and for an extra $7.99, a package will arrive on your doorstep in under one hour. The service is available on campus and in many other Central Austin neighborhoods. When the Daily Texan staff tested Prime Now, they received a Texas A&M University Ken doll and 125 feet of bubble wrap in 25 minutes.

Everyone has a name for the group of people they always hang out with —the gang, the crew, the clique—but be aware that if you’re calling yourselves anything but a squad, you’re behind the times. #SquadGoals, a popular hashtag on social media, are aspirational goals for the ideal friend group, shown through pictures of famous squads. On Instagram you’ll find UT students drooling over Taylor Swift’s fabulous friend group, the Friends gang, and, more recently, the fierce raptors from Jurassic World. So whether your gang is made out of dinosaurs or Longhorns, make sure you’re setting successful #SquadGoals!

—Lauren Ferguson and Jan Ross Piedad

Above: Basketball player Myles Turner announces he will attend and play for UT during an ESPN broadcast on April 30, 2014.

© Max Faulkner/TNS/



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