Best of Campus Watch: Sept | Oct 2015

From streakers to squirrels, bagel thieves to criminal ballerinas, the UT Police Department’s cheeky Campus Watch dispatches keep us updated on all the mischief afoot on the Forty Acres.

maproom_colorPerry-Castañeda Library
Disorderly Conduct / Noxious Odor

A UT student reported another student who was performing a ritual in the maps room located on the ground floor. The student advised the subject was burning some form of incense and making an unreasonable amount of noise. The subject was located and identified. In lieu of criminal charges, the student was referred to the Office of the Dean of Students.

strungout_colorFrank Erwin Center

Public Intoxication / Theft / Possession of Miscellaneous Substance

A non-UT subject attending a high school graduation was reported as having stolen two bags of cotton candy, two caramel apples, and two snow cones. The subject was found seated in section 47 ingesting the fruits of the crime. The subject showed several signs of intoxication, including an inability to maintain her balance and a distinct stain on her pants that was not believed to have been caused by the caramel apples.

1900 San Jacinto
Public Intoxication

A non-UT subject was reported as lying in the roadway. Responding officers located the subject on the sidewalk. The subject showed several signs of intoxication and was directed to call a friend to assume care, custody, and control of him. When the officer asked the subject who he was going to call, the subject, without hesitation, replied, “Ghostbusters!”



Illustrations by Melissa Reese.

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