July|August Alumni Authors

Inclusive-VeritasInclusive Veritas and Justice
by Richard Walker, BA ’99

Criminal justice expert Walker argues that restorative justice is a key component in reducing both violent and nonviolent crime. Focusing on job training, educational programing, mental health, drug counseling, and other aspects of restorative justice, the book explains the problems with our criminal justice system and the steps needed to reduce crime, lower prison costs, and stop overcrowding in the American prison system.



Scent-of-TriumphScent of TriumphA Novel of Perfume and Passion
by Jan Moran, BBA ’88

Set against the backdrop of World War II, Scent of Triumph is the story of French perfumer Danielle Bretancourt’s struggle to begin a new life and career in Los Angeles after escaping a war-torn Europe. Moran uses her expertise in the perfume and beauty worlds to create a realistic, sprawling romantic tale that centers on Bretancourt’s resilience as she overcomes her dark past and forges ahead into her future.



Wilson.CVR.high-res.CMYKClean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle
by Robin Wilson, BA ’92

As an interiors and product designer, Wilson strives to create clean spaces and healthier homes. In Clean Design, she provides a series of smart, simple tips that can help reduce toxins and allergens in every room. According to Wilson, this cost-effective guide is the first step to purer living through cleaner design.



CovPROOF-WhistlerWaiting for an Etcher
by Chip Dameron, MA ’73, PhD ’84

Dameron’s latest poetry collection—his fifth—is at once a record of moments, a collage of images, and a travelogue from around the world. The book is divided into six sections—from “Along the Border” to “Gravity’s End”—and each poem is evocative in its setting and mood.




Dr.Craig-Follins-cover-proofPersistence and Perseverance: A Leader’s Authentic Journey from GED to PHD to Two College Presidencies
by Craig Follins, PhD ’04, Life Member

At 17, Craig Follins earned his GED and joined the Army. Forty years later, he holds a PhD in Educational Administration from UT and has served as president of two community colleges in Chicago and San Antonio. In this memoir, Follins shares his ambitions, failures, and the tough decisions he made along the way.



AlumniAuthors001Transcultural Marketing
by Marye Tharp, BA ’67, BBA ’70, MBA ’74, PhD ’76, Life Member

Companies are hard-pressed to build lasting and effective relationships with consumers. Transcultural Marketing describes nine significant subcultures in the United States, outlining their demographics, values, and tastes for the benefit of marketers nationwide. Tharp shares her expertise to build stronger bonds between businesses and buyers.



js_PP_cover_FINAL_FRONT-5-5-2015Presentation Power
by Jonathan Sprinkles, BBA ’99, Life Member

Public speaking is a major fear for many, and Sprinkles is determined to help people overcome that. Focused on business presentations, Sprinkles has been hosting “Presentation Power” workshops since 2007 and has been featured by CNN, Fox, USA Today, and Forbes. Now his tips are in a small, easy-to-reference book for anyone looking to quelch anxiety-induced butterflies in their stomach.




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