Best of Campus Watch: July | August 2015

From streakers to squirrels, hamburger theft and criminal ballerinas, the UT Police Department’s cheeky Campus Watch dispatches keep us updated on all the mischief afoot on the Forty Acres.


bagelGraduate School of Business

A UT staff member reported a subject entered his fifth-floor office and grabbed a bagel, then walked out. An image of the subject was captured on a nearby camera. Upon viewing the image, the officer quickly recognized the subject as an individual who has had prior run-ins with the UT Police Department. Looks like he’ll have one more involvement. Loss value: $1.00. #BagelGate



drunkJester Academic Center
Public Intoxication

A UT student under the age of 21 was reportedly passed out in a first-floor men’s restroom stall. When finally awakened, the student admitted to having “a little bit” to drink. The student obviously thought very highly of his high school, as every time he was asked where he went to college, he replied with his high school’s name. The student was issued a citation for the consumption of alcohol by a minor.



peeJester Center West
Suspicious Activity

A UT student reported being awakened by another student who had entered his unlocked dormitory room, walked into the closet, and relieved himself. The relieved student was later found in his own dormitory room and did not show any signs of intoxication, but was very tired. The student made several statements indicating he may sleepwalk from time to time.


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