The Powers Exit Interview to End All Powers Exit Interviews

The Texas Travesty, Texas Student Media’s satirical paper, doesn’t break a lot of news. Not a lot of real news, anyway. Founded in 1997, the monthly paper is one part The Onion, one part The Harvard Lampoon. And while its news is fake, its interviews are very real. Many of them are with performers and comedians and feature thoughtful questions with plenty of good humor.

But we’d venture they’ve never had an interview quite like this one. In a video posted to the Travesty‘s YouTube channel Wednesday, managing editor Rohit Mandalapu and associate editor Xavier Rotnofsky landed a rare two-on-one interview with outgoing UT president Bill Powers.

The seven-minute video covers topics as varied as The Simpsons and Abigail Fisher. The interviewers’ temerity is impressive—asking rather silly question to a rather important person—but Powers rolls with the punches and plays along. (In response to where he thinks UT will be in 600 years, Powers answers that it will be in Austin.)

And in case you’re wondering how these two managed to pull the university’s president into the absurdist fun, it’s worth noting that Rotnofsky and Mandalapu are also the president and vice president of Student Government.

Can’t see the video? Click here.


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