Trending Now: Hammocks and Hippie Fashion

Trending Now: Hammocks and Hippie Fashion


The act of laying in a hammock is now so popular it’s become a verb: hammocking. The new Texas Hammocking Club—founded by two students who enjoy stringing up their hammocks all over campus—has elevated this age-old pastime to an art form. Many hammocks, such as the stylish and lightweight Eno, are now small enough to be stowed in a backpack so you can lay out wherever and whenever the feeling strikes.


In March, a few UT students wrote “Not On My Campus” on their palms and posted photos on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #NotOnMyCampusUT. What began as an organic, student-led social media campaign against sexual assault ballooned into national news, with football players, fraternity leaders, and even president Bill Powers sharing their own photos and signing an online pledge against campus rape culture.


Fringe isn’t just for hippies and cowboys anymore. This year, designers have been stripping up everything from leather jackets to evening gowns. The trend was seen on almost every runway during New York Fashion Week and has quickly spread to the masses through stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M. Whether it’s an homage to the Wild West or a flashback to the ’70s, we’re not sure, but one thing is certain: Fringe is back.


Cash is a thing of the past. With Venmo, you can transfer money directly from your bank account to your friend’s with the tap of a button. Friends can even “like” your payment. The free app is helping students split checks and settle debts. Venmo even lets you see who your friends are paying and why, which is either really cool or really creepy, depending on whom you ask. With a slew of articles delving into possible privacy risks, the inevitable backlash has already arrived.

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