Trending Now: Pop Culture Feminism on Fleek, Whatever That Means

Trending Now: Pop Culture Feminism on Fleek, Whatever That Means

Beyoncé 101

Beyoncé isn’t exactly new on the scene, but thanks to a new class at UT, Queen Bee is more popular than ever. First offered last fall in UT’s Department of African and African Diaspora Studies, “Beyoncé Feminism and Rihanna Womanism” filled up like a stadium at one of her concerts. Luckily for those who were waitlisted, the course exploring the singer’s influence on feminism was offered again this spring.

Being “On Fleek”

What started as a viral Vine about well-groomed eyebrows has grown into a new favorite slang term among students. “On fleek” means something is perfect, and by now everyone from Kim Kardashian to IHOP (“Pancakes on fleek” garnered 27,000 retweets) is using the phrase.


A legal battle and accusations of price gouging couldn’t stop UT students from swapping taxis for the ridesharing apps Uber and Lyft, which Austin legalized last October. Whether signing up to drive, using their phones to request the nearest driver, or swapping stories of quirky drivers, Longhorns have jumped on board quickly.

Selfie Sticks

You don’t have to have long arms to get the best selfies anymore. Just snap your phone or camera onto a selfie stick, a pole that allows you to get a more flattering angle—and look completely ridiculous—as you take a photo of yourself. The blog Insquisitr called it “the most loved and hated gadget of 2015,” and it’s also been dubbed the “narcissi-stick,” but maybe it’s just good practice.


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