Coins in the Littlefield Fountain: Your 2015 Texas Recruiting Wrap-Up


Well, it’s over. I spent countless hours refreshing Twitter, trying to find hidden meaning in every Daylon Mack tweet. I was bowled over with laughter over some silly Baylor recruiting tactics. I spent way too much time caring about the height and weight of dozens of high school seniors. But National Signing Day came and went, and now Texas’ 2015 recruiting class is set. Here’s everything you need to know:

-Texas signed 28 players, including blue-chip OLB Malik Jefferson to lead a highly touted defensive class, plus QB Kai Locksley, RB Chris Warren, and WR John Burt. You can check out the complete list, plus bios for each player here.

-The most recruits—predictably—came from Texas (18). Strong and his staff also nabbed five guys from Florida, where Strong is no stranger, and one player each from California, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, and New York. Strong said, after the day was done, “I don’t mind going outside the state to get in a battle. That’s what it’s all about. We knew we were not going to back down.”

-Of the 28 players, 14 were from ESPN’s Top 300 list. The rest of the Big 12 had 20 of the 300 combined. Suffice to say, Texas finished with the No. 1 recruiting class in the conference.

-Six players, including Jefferson, are already enrolled in classes at UT.

-If you care about these things, here’s how the most popular recruiting and sports sites ranked Texas’ 2015 class: ESPN (9), 247Sports (11), Rivals (12).

-The three big misses on National Signing Day were DL Daylon Mack (Texas A&M), RB Soso Jamabo (UCLA), and WR DaMarkus Lodge (Ole Miss). Quarterback Kyler Murray also signed with A&M before Wednesday, though that wasn’t much of a surprise. Jamabo, however, fibbed a few weeks ago when he announced his two finalists:

-Chris Warren flipped a coin on-stage at Rockwall High School before announcing his intention to come to Texas over the University of Washington. It looked like a stunt, until both Warren and his mother confirmed that the decision was really that close. His mother even brought Huskies balloons to the school just in case.

There is a Football Show: 2015 Recruiting Edition podcast coming out next week, which we will share when it is done. For now, get pumped on some high school football highlights:

OLB Malik Jefferson

DB Holton Hill

DB Kris Boyd

QB Kai Locksley

RB Chris Warren

WR John Burt


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