GoPro Video Shows Parachuters Landing in DKR [Watch]

If you went to the game this weekend, you may have paused to spend a few moments staring upward at the Army parachuters who landed in the stadium. The members of the U.S. Army Parachute Team, otherwise known as the Golden Knights, were on hand as part of the game’s Veterans Day recognition. From our view at the Alumni Center tailgate, they seemed to float down slowly and gracefully, like a flock of yellow butterflies.

Now you can see what the parachuters’ view of us looked like. KUT shared this GoPro video straight from the helmet of Golden Knights parachuter Brandan Parra. In addition to the phenomenal views, the unedited audio, from the eerie silence at the top to the roar of the crowd on the field, makes this a compelling watch.


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