Trending Now: Frockets, Flash Tats, and More

What better way to jazz up a boring T-shirt than to add a colorful pocket to the front? Not limited to dress shirts anymore, the frat pocket, or “frocket,” has burst back onto the men’s fashion scene and can be found decorating the front of T-shirts all over campus. Choose between ornate patterns, logos, or solid pastels, and know that it looks cool even if it’s barely large enough to hold a pair of sunglasses.




cocktailDraft Cocktails
Move over, draft beer: There’s a new tap in town. Bartenders are shedding the “mixology” trend in favor of making large batches of cocktails in kegs and serving them on tap. Although draft cocktails won’t produce the same results as a fresh, handmade cocktail and the carbonation is harder on the tap lines than beer, faster service, better consistency, and subtle new flavors make the idea worthwhile. Austin bars like Odd Duck (with an excellent draft Moscow Mule) and Blackbird and Henry (with both a gin and tonic and a Sazerac on tap) have jumped on board.




UT Jell-O Jigglers
Perfect for tailgates, parties, or any activity where UT and Jell-O cross paths, these Longhorn-imprinted plastic Jell-O molds are the latest in a line of college-themed Jell-O products. Each mold comes with four boxes of orange Jell-O mix to get things started because, really, why wouldn’t Texas Jell-O be orange?





Flash Tattoos
Along with numerous UT students, Katie Holmes and Beyoncé are two the of the latest celebrities to hop on the new temporary tattoo trend created by the Austin-based company Flash Tat. The jewelry-inspired tattoos resemble metallic and gold henna and last almost a week, so you can get that hip, Aztec “I have so much gold I can paint it on my body,” look, without the sacrifice of it being permanent. Or any other type of sacrifice.

—Ali Breland and Anderson Boyd


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