A Family of Bosnian Longhorns


Amela Kamencic, BS ’12, was the last of five members of her family to graduate from UT within the past five years. That’s impressive enough on its own, but the family has had to battle more than difficult courses to obtain their degrees. Kamencic’s family came to the United States in 1996, settling in Austin after four years of moving around Europe in order to avoid the war which had erupted in their native Bosnia in 1992.

“After my fifth grade field trip to UT, I knew there was only one college I was going to graduate from and my cousins felt the same,” Kamencic said. ” It would take a research paper for me to explain how much UT has impacted our lives for the better, my family is now living the American dream.”

Pictured (left to right): Anesa Kamencic, BSN ’11; Amir Memic, MS ’09; Amela Kamencic, BS ’12; Salih Korozovic, BS ’09; Jasmin Horozovic, BS’11


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