Talk Back: Responses to Our May|June 2014 Issue

Talk Back

View From the Top

A few Longhorns were in awe of astronaut/inventor/athlete/quilter/social-media guru/mom Karen Nyberg after reading our cover story. N.J. Gaunt, BA ’97, asked, “Anyone else feel completely inadequate after reading her story? Wow.”

Gone From Texas

Our feature story on UT graduation rates hit close to home for Tom Guinn, BJ ’70, Life Member. “[The article] stirred my passion because I have been teaching in South Texas colleges and universities since 1994,” he said. “I am dismayed to see the graduate-on-time movement creep into community colleges where it absolutely does not belong. You presented a wide range of viewpoints, and there was no obvious editorializing. Keep up the good work.”

The Quad

Our new approval guide to all things Forty Acres was a welcome addition for one astute reader. “Whoever put Mark Cuban in two places on the chart deserves a cold beer and a promotion,” said communications guru Geoffrey Tumlin, MA ’00, PhD ’04, Life Member. “You have made the [Alcalde] a compelling must-read.”

Reframing the Constitution

Sanford Levinson’s article from our March|April issue about revisiting the Constitution continues to be controversial.

Mark Dunagan, BS ’96, Life Member, said, “It is only those who see our current Constitution as an obstacle to unlimited government expansion and greater control over the people who wish to see it rewritten.”

Cmdr. Michael R. Anderson, BA ’98, Life Member, said, “There is a reason, Professor Levinson, that virtually everyone you know hates this idea. It isn’t because they don’t think critically about the Constitution, as you so condescendingly believe. It is because they have considered it, weighed our wealth, liberty, rights, and power against your destabilizing nonsense and concluded, rationally, that it is a really stupid idea.

Linden Welsch, BBA ’69, Life Member, said, “This piece is one person’s opinion and has no place [in the Alcalde]; I for one do not care or wish to read about what he thinks. If Levinson wishes to publish his opinion, he can send it in to the Austin American-Statesman’s editorial page.

Robin Walker, BA ’74, Life Member, put it this way: “There may be the need for amendments, but our Constitution was divinely inspired and in spite of ninnies like the author of this article it has protected our rights and freedoms better than most.”

Goodbye to A&M

And just because we like the sound of this, here’s an idea from Ron Aldred, BS ’70, Life Member: “Since Texas A&M is now more of a memory than a rival, I think it is time to remove the reference to them in our official fight song. Knowing nothing about music, I would not even attempt to be the one to take on the task of coming up with a proper line for “Texas Fight” but I would think some of our talented music majors in the Longhorn Band would find it an easy and fun assignment. If this idea has no merit then let it be dismissed. However, if others feel that it would be appropriate, let the process begin.”

Raising the Tail

Our story about Jim Allison and his breakthrough cancer drug hit home for Susan Kemp Straub, BBA ‘90, Life Member. “Thank you for all you do in finding a cure,” she said. “My mother is currently undergoing the [ipilimumab] treatment. Thank you for giving her a chance, no matter how remote it may be.”



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