July|August Alumni Authors

BrokenBrain-cover2Broken Brain

By Joseph Huerta, BA ’89, JD ’93

Joseph Huerta jumped right into personal-injury law after graduating from UT. He had seen it all—from car accidents and shootings to shrimp-boat injuries—until one cold day in Colorado, he lost control and skied right off the edge of a 15-foot cliff. Broken Brain follows Huerta’s struggle for survival after shattering his skull and going into a coma for nearly two weeks. Based on Huerta’s experiences, the book begins on that fateful day and follows his entire recovery process. A story of tremendous personal achievement, the book manages to find hope in the face of tragedy.


Ferguson_FC_S14Running the River: Secrets of the Sabine

By Wes Ferguson, BJ ’04

Journalist Wes Ferguson originally set out to do a series of news articles about the upper portion of the Sabine, which has usually been associated with water moccasins, alligators, and other unpleasantries. Not long after arriving, however, he became intrigued by the beauty and peacefulness of the river. Running the River: Secrets of the Sabine takes readers along on a ride down one of Texas’ most distinctive bodies of water, one Ferguson found to be as loved by local “river rats” as other, more popular Texas rivers.


Paw-Enforcement28high-resPaw Enforcement

By Diane Kelly, BBA ’88, JD ’90

Diane Kelly takes crime fighting to a whole new level in her clever new K-9 cop mystery series. When rookie police officer Megan Luz ends up in the doghouse after using her stun gun on a male colleague, she is paired up with an unlikely—and at first, unwanted—new partner, a canine named Brigit. When crime strikes in Fort Worth, the two must team up with handsome bomb-squad officer Seth Rutledge and his bomb-sniffing pup Blast to catch a killer before it’s too late.



Boutwell_FC_S14John P. McGovern, MD: A Lifetime of Stories

By Bryant Boutwell, BJ ’73, BA ’74, Life Member

John P. McGovern was more than just a physician—he was a visionary who made innumerable contributions to the Texas medical community. He established the nation’s largest privately owned allergy and immunology clinic and pioneered a new approach to health care. In this biography, Bryant Boutwell explores McGovern’s innovative approach to medicine. Colleagues and friends have described him as a brilliant clinician, revered professor, diverse leader of medical organizations, and concerned humanitarian.


WCBookCover-Front-2-25-2014Austin’s Waller Creek: Promise for Tomorrow

By Phillip Fry, PhD ’74

Downtown Austin is home to Waller Creek, a stream that for many years provided residents with fresh water. Founded and named after Austin’s first mayor, Edwin Waller, it sits on the eastern boundary of the original 1839 town plat. But river flooding and pollution in central Texas have, unfortunately, disturbed the creek’s natural peace. Phillip Fry’s new book spans Waller Creek’s early history through today, and explores future city plans, such as developing parks and enterprises along the creek after it leaves the university’s boundary and flows into Lady Bird Lake.


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