Kevin Durant’s MVP Acceptance Speech Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity [Watch]

We’ve known for a long time that former Longhorn basketball star Kevin Durant is a class act. Durant is a man with a history of being generous in ways both small—like the time he spontaneously organized a flag football game with some local college kids—and large, like when he donated $1 million to survivors of the Oklahoma tornadoes last year.

But with this latest gesture, he’s outdone himself. In his speech last night as he accepted the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award, his emotional tribute to his mom, Wanda Pratt, left not a dry eye in the house (or, we suspect, on the Internet).

“We weren’t supposed to be here,” Durant told his mom, recalling how she beat the odds to give him and his brother the best start in life, even through poverty and being a 21-year-old single mom. “You’re the real MVP,” he said, openly crying.

We can’t really do the speech justice, so just watch it above (skip to 0:54 if you’re impatient). And have some tissues at the ready.

Can’t see this video? Click here.


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