May|June Alumni Authors

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri: Closer To Wildness

By Irene Hardwicke Olivieri, BFA ’83

Hardwicke is an Oregon-based painter whose work delves into the interactions between people, plants, and animals. By portraying the human body, she explores the complexity of the natural world. Olivieri’s vibrant works range from emotionally charged self-portraits to intricate depictions of animals and insects with an underlying call to activism. Using her artistic experiences in places as diverse as Brazil, Mexico, New York, and Texas, Hardwicke’s spirited visual style is captivating.


Land of the Free Cover

Land of the Free

Woodrow Landfair, BA ’06, Life Member

If you thought the romantic notion of traveling cross-country in the hope of self discovery was a stale cliché, you haven’t met Woodrow Landfair. In the name of research for this semi-autobiographical novel, Landfair pawned his possessions and traveled America by motorcycle, working odd jobs and befriending strangers across 48 states. In the novel, the line between fact and fiction blurs as Landfair takes us on a ride with a young con man searching for his own freedom.


Coaching the I-Bone

Coaching the I-Bone Option Attack Offense

By Joey Lozano, BJ ’80, Life Member, and James R. Smith

What’s the secret to scoring that winning touchdown? Learn to make every precious second on the clock count with the “I-bone concept,” an offense that any coach can use and any player can learn. This how-to manual is filled with tips and tricks that even rookies can pick up—with everything from play-action passing to the Houston veer series to the freeze option attack. Filled with detailed drawings, the book makes even daunting football strategies seem approachable.

Letters From Paris

Letters from Paris

By John Crawley, BA ’73, Life Member

A poet, journalist, philosopher, resistance fighter, and civil rights advocate wrapped into one, Clare de Fontroy is an enthralling protagonist from the mind of author John Crawley. The exceptionally strong-willed woman chronicles her journey as a member of the post-World II “Lost Generation.” Crawley’s latest work of historical fiction revolves around Fontroy’s extraordinary life and letters to the likes of John Dos Passos and Ernest Hemingway.

The Tommy Plans

The Tommy Plans

By Cooper Renner, MA ’83, Life Member

Poet, short fiction author, and artist Cooper Renner’s subtle,
pensive illustrations bring to life the story of two young boys on a
quest to save those around them. The whimsical pencil drawings add an air of grade-school innocence to real Cold War-era fears underlined in the accompanying story. While The Tommy Plans is a slim book, the reader is left with much to ponder from this pleasurable, contemplative reflection.

Raiders of the Nile

Raiders of the Nile

By Steven Saylor, BA ’78

Go back to 88 B.C., when every end of the earth was at war. Gordianus,
a loyal citizen of Rome who manages to make a living by solving intricate puzzles, is able to block out the chaos by passing time with his beautiful slave, Bethesda. But on his 22nd birthday, he gets a surprise he didn’t wish for. Readers of this historical mystery will join Gordianus on his journey to rescue the love of his life from the crumbling streets of Alexandria.


Deadly Additive

Donn Taylor, MA ’72, PhD ’77

Jeb Sledge is no ordinary veteran. A skilled solider who is not afraid to speak his mind, this guy can take on an entire army by himself. After the kidnapping of an heiress and journalist from Colombia, Sledge makes it his mission to rescue and return them to safety. Little does he know that a whole new set of questions will soon be unleashed. Follow Sledge on his race against time in this fast-paced action thriller. Filled with military prowess, daring adventure, and a little comic relief, this book will be sure to keep you on your toes.


Crisis Management Leadership in the Operating Room

By Kenneth A. Lipshy, BA ’84, Life Member

When a crisis arises in any situation, it’s crucial to know how to
act in a quick and efficient manner. But when a crisis happens
in the operating room, it can often be a matter of life and death.
A longtime surgeon, Lipshy shares his experience and unique insight in order to help leaders prepare their teams to smoothly handle any medical crisis.


Accountability: The Key to Driving a High-Performance Culture

By Greg Bustin, BJ ’77

Studies reveal time and again that a large portion of global businesses are plagued by a lack of effectiveness. Business leadership consultant Greg Bustin has talked to countless CEOs and executives to determine that the problem stems from a lack of accountability. In this accessible handbook, Bustin shares his practical tools for success in order to help leaders develop accountability the smart way: as an attitude that can have a profound impact on any company’s operations.


My Iranian Revolution

By John Robert Tipton, BA ’67

A wearisome job and a divorce may seem like a lot to handle, but for 27-year-old John Tipton, the journey has just begun. What may have seemed like a series of unfortunate events turns out to be a blessing in disguise, as these events land him a job in Tehran during a time of political unrest. Set in 1979, this novel sheds light on what daily life
was like during Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Based on the author’s time living in Tehran, My Iranian Revolution is both a cultural and political reading experience.




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