DISH Deal Doubles Longhorn Network’s Reach

In the latest victory for sports fans frustrated by the Longhorn Network’s limited coverage, the channel announced this week that it will be picked up by DISH Network—putting it in front of some 12 million total viewers.

A partnership between the university, ESPN, and Disney, the network has broadcast burnt-orange content (including, we must shamelessly mention, the Alcalde show) since 2011. The process has come with significant growing pains as the network struggled for space on cable providers, with a major breakthrough coming last August when it was picked up by Time Warner.

“We are excited to have DISH join the growing list of LHN providers,” athletics director Steve Patterson said in a release. “As we have said from day one, this is a long-term commitment and we are very proud of our partnership with ESPN.”

The DISH deal doesn’t take effect until this summer, but when it does, it will more than double the network’s reach to roughly 12 million subscribers, said ESPN spokeswoman Gracie Blackburn.

With reporting by Rose Cahalan


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