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Nope, Facebook hasn’t changed yet again. A new app called Bitstrips is responsible for all those cartoon images blowing up your feed. Launched on the popular social media site in 2012, Bitstrips allows users to instantly create comics that match their moods—a visual status update of sorts. Choose from more than 1,000 scenes—from spilling coffee on yourself to handing someone a birthday cake—and adjust the hairstyle, makeup, and outfit to fit you. The free mobile app has garnered more than 11 million downloads since it debuted last fall.


After overindulging this holiday season, students now have a new fitness option for dropping unwanted pounds. Created by Swedish celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen, Piloxing is a nonstop cardio workout that features intervals of standing Pilates, boxing, and dance, all while wearing weighted gloves for extra resistance. Fans of Piloxing, which is said to burn about 900 calories per hourlong class, include actresses Kirsten Dunst and Vanessa Hudgens. RecSports now offers a core-centric Piloxing class through its Texercise program at Gregory Gym.

Mad CowSecret Menus

Want to be the envy of everyone behind you in line? Try ordering from a restaurant’s secret menu. Torchy’s Tacos has been serving up the Mad Cow—a hidden selection—to true taco fans for a while now, and other popular restaurants are doing the same. In October, Starbucks revealed it too had offerings that weren’t posted on the menu, including a “short size” coffee option. California-based burger joint In-N-Out, which probably has the most well-known secret menu in the nation, is coming to 45th and Airport this winter, not far from campus. Soon, secret-savvy students will be able to order their burgers “Animal Style,” a hush-hush option featuring a mustard-cooked beef patty.

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