Talk Back: Responses to our November|December Issue

Talk Back: Responses to our November|December Issue

The Seeker

Writer Dan Solomon did his best to catch up with the frenetic and ever-evolving Ricky Williams in “The Seeker.” Erik Hensarling, BS ’04, Life Member, said, “The only time he stood still was in the backfield before a handoff. #hookem #heisman #runrickyrun.”

David Loving, JD ’70, said simply, “That is a feature.”


Miracle of Flight

Stephen Harrigan’s story about a Longhorn grad student who discovered the largest-known flying pterosaur impressed many of our readers.

Paige Popkin Hebert, BS ’03, Life Member, said, “Now I know why my son’s favorite pterosaur is the Quetzalcoatlus. #DiscoveredByaLonghorn.”

A guy who just goes by “Jim” said, “Great article. You would think with these amazing wonders in the Texas Memorial Museum at The University of Texas at Austin that they would not be cutting the museum’s budget by 75 percent, and laying off eight of its 11 staff members. The wonders of science that benefit so many may soon become as extinct as the dinosaurs themselves.”



The Way Back

A photo of the Forty Acres as a winter wonderland in 1966 made several Longhorns wistful for snow days and canceled classes.

Sheryl Lane, BS ’70, Life Member, said, “I was a freshman in 1966 and I vividly remember the snowfall and the fun we had.”

Alfredo Tomas Garcia IV, BA ’05, said, “In January 1997, right before the start of the spring semester, the streets of 21st Street near Pearl were slick for cardboard skating … to say nothing of the treacherous drop from MLK heading west toward Lamar.”


Comment of the Month

Jimmy Canning, BS ’79, Life Member, likes us—he really, really likes us. “It’s one of my favorite magazines (grin),” he said. “Hook ’em! I think [the Alcalde] is very well done, with good snippets of news, good articles, good alumni news, and even good ads that I’ve responded to. Keep up the good work!”


Correction: In “Dallas 1963” (November|December 2013) it was wrongly reported that co-author Steven L. Davis was a 1989 graduate of UT’s journalism school. In fact, he is a graduate of Texas State University, where he is the curator of the Wittliff Collections.

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