Students Relieve Stress With Dry-Erase Drawings [Slideshow]

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Ah, finals—that point in the semester when college students seem more like zombies than human beings, pulling all-nighters in the library and subsisting primarily on caffeine.

On the Forty Acres, exam time also means a beloved campus tradition: the strange and funny messages and drawings students leave on the whiteboards at the Perry-Castañeda Library. Each semester, library staffer Frank Meaker photographs the drawings and posts them online. “One of my favorites is of a girl who’s leaning over, falling asleep, with drool coming out of her mouth,” Meaker told the Alcalde last month. “That’s just what you see in the stacks every day.”

This semester’s drawings range from motivational messages to a guitar-playing frog. Often, mathematical equations share space with peculiar cartoons and inside jokes.

See more PCL whiteboard drawings on UT Libraries’ Flickr page.


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