November|December Good Reads

New books of interest to the Longhorn Universe.

ManyRiversToCrossMany Rivers to Cross

By Thomas Zigal

In this second book of his New Orleans trilogy, Thomas Zigal, BA ’70, takes a fictional look at the city post-Hurricane Katrina, where the water is rapidly rising and citizens are scrambling to escape. Zigal—who was once President Powers’ speechwriter—tells this gripping story through the eyes of the Grant family, who have been separated in the storm. As the family members fight for their survival, Many Rivers to Cross explores the terror, loss, and perseverance that followed one of America’s most devastating national disasters.



DecameronThe Decameron

Translated by Wayne A. Rebhorn

Giovanni Boccaccio’s Italian classic gets new life in this translation, the first in American English in more than 30 years. In it, a terrible plague drives young Florentines to hide out in the country, where they tell stories to each other to pass the time. This version of the comic work, translated by UT English professor Wayne Rebhorn, celebrates the 700th anniversary of the author’s birth.




StopTalkingStartCommunicatingStop Talking, Start Communicating: Counterintuitive Secrets to Success in Business and in Life

By Geoffrey Tumlin

Play dumb and don’t be yourself—not exactly advice you’d expect to hear from a leading communications expert. But former Assistant Director of UT’s Center for Ethical Leadership Geoffrey Tumlin, MA ’00, PhD ’04, Life Member, relishes in the counterintuitive. In Stop Talking, Start Communicating, Tumlin aims to teach readers how to have productive interactions in an increasingly digital world. Tumlin’s witty and practical real-world tips emphasize quality over quantity, and serve as a how-to guide to improving day-to-day communications.


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