Texas Ex Wins Big on Jeopardy

Jared Hall

Jared Hall, MA ’13, grew up watching Jeopardy! and always thought he could probably give it a good shot. When he finally got the chance to try his hand at the popular game show last week, he proved himself right, walking away with six straight wins and $182,001 in prize money.

“In college, I auditioned for the college tournament but didn’t end up making it,” Hall says. “In grad school, I figured I should audition for the real show.”

Hall made the cut last year, after passing the entrance test and the audition process. He began his six-game streak back in April just before the season finale, and then was forced to wait the entire summer to get the chance to finish his run.

Despite winning on six separate episodes, Hall says it was a whirlwind experience.

“It was always kind of a crazy feeling,” Hall says. “All five of my episodes were taped in one day.” After winning one, Halls says he would be whisked away to change clothes, reapply stage makeup, and then play again. “It never really sank in,” he says.

Once he receives his winnings—minus 7 to 10 percent for California state tax and federal taxes—Hall plans to use the money to pay off his graduate school loans, take a trip to South America, buy a car, and give back to the community.

“This gives me the financial freedom in a way that I never really expected,” Hall says. “Now I can do things and go places I never really thought I would.”

As for the world of game shows, Hall says he hopes to come back for the Jeopardy! winners Tournament of Champions at some point next year, and would even consider finding a different game show to compete on.

“I’ve definitely thought, ‘Are there other game shows that I could do?'” he says. “I’m always looking to challenge myself. But now that I’ve had success on Jeopardy!, I’m not sure if they’ll want me.”

Jared Hall with Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek.

Photo courtesy Jared Hall.


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