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College Fragrances

Following the lead of universities like Alabama and Penn State, UT will soon be getting its own signature scent. This summer, Masik College Fragrances announced it will release a Longhorn fragrance sometime later this year. While the perfume’s ingredients are still officially unknown, Texas Exes Facebook fans suggested notes of orange, vanilla, bluebonnets, and leather. Less appealing ideas include the smell of Wendy’s in Jester, the egg roll stand on the Drag, or even grackle droppings.


Created in 2006 in part by the co-founder of the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed is a website dedicated to aggregating the most breaking, viral, and shareable content on the Internet. Divided into categories like “OMG” and “FAIL,” Buzzfeed articles are often written as listicles, or stories using lists as thematic structures. Recent Longhorn favorites include “34 Things Austinites Love” (tacos topped the list) and “55 Things That Are Definitely Bigger in Texas.” The Texas Exes even made an appearance in July when a Life Member keytag and a UT class ring popped up in a photo featured in “12 Signs You’ve Actually Grown Up a Little.”


Cornhole, or bean bag toss, has been a staple at Longhorn football tailgates for as long as we can remember. But the popular lawn game has now spawned competitive leagues throughout Austin and can even be found at weddings. Cornhole’s roots are mostly unknown, though scholars confirm Native Americans played a similar game with pig bladders. Opting for a cleaner version, today’s cornholers use bean bags and a platform with a cutout to play; a bag through the hole is three points, and a bag on the platform is one. The first to 21 wins.


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