September|October Alumni Authors

ChemistryChemistry: The Atom and Elements

By April Chloe Terrazas, BS ’10, Life Member

The second volume in Terrazas’ Super Smart Science series will engage young learners with colorful, cartoony graphics and simple text. Even if kids aren’t ready to fully grasp the periodic table, they’ll still become familiarized with the names of the elements and some of their uses (“Lithium is in medicine and batteries,” for example).


TMFA BOOK 2012 Case Bound Cover FINALTouching Fiber Arts

By Carol Ikard, BS ’67, Life Member, and Jacque Smith

This stylish coffee-table book showcases photographs of 220 fiber artworks by 150 Texas artists. The breadth of works is impressive: a 1967 Chrysler Imperial wrapped in four miles of yarn shares space with a commercially-friendly collection of fabric designs. Abstract weavings, three-dimensional quilts, and traditional African and Japanese clothing are among the other offerings in a book that celebrates fiber art in all its forms.

UnflinchingCourage hc cUnflinching Courage: Pioneering Women Who Shaped Texas

By Kay Bailey Hutchison, LLB ’67, BA ’92, Life Member, Distinguished Alumna

Legislative pioneer Kay Bailey Hutchison—the first woman to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate—profiles a wide range of women who influenced the state. A few are famous, like Indian captive Cynthia Ann Parker, but most have been relegated to obscurity, such as Hattie Standefer Cluck, a mother of three who endured a rugged 1871 trail drive with three children in tow and a fourth on the way. There’s something uplifting about Hutchison’s choice to revive the stories of long-forgotten women leaders.



FishingLessonsFishing Lessons: A Novel

By John Crawley, BA ’73, Life Member

The prolific Crawley has penned his 12th novel, a 522-pager that follows a struggling young writer named Marcos Ryan as he falls in and out of love and defends himself against false accusations of plagiarism. While the contemplative tone and subject matter differ greatly from his previous work, a sci-fi adventure called The Myth Makers, Crawley’s ability to get readers hooked is as strong as ever.




PhantomMesaPhantom Mesa

By Jim McMillen, ’55, Life Member

Residents of the San Angelo area will enjoy this novel, which pits aging rancher Clovis Carlisle against environmental protesters, officials with plans to install a wind turbine farm on Carlisle’s land, a crazy professor, and even a revenge-seeking Mexican drug lord. Can the rancher prevail in the face of tough odds, or will he lose his land and his livelihood to outside forces?





FCPABest Practices Under the FCPA and Bribery Act: How to Create a First Class Compliance Program

By Thomas Fox, BA ’78, Life Member

Managers of any large business, especially those operating internationally, must take steps to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, says subject-area expert Thomas Fox. The act is designed to prevent bribery and corruption among U.S. companies working abroad, and Fox offers a very detailed guide for how businesses can keep their practices transparent and legal.


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