July|August Alumni Authors

CowboyStuntmanCowboy Stuntman

By Dean Smith, ’55, with Mike Cox

Dean Smith’s biography is so colorful, it could easily be a film. After growing up in a small Texas town, he made a name for himself on UT’s football and track teams, winning gold in the 400-meter relay at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Then Smith became one of Hollywood’s most successful stuntmen, doubling for the likes of John Wayne and Roy Rogers. Did we mention he’s also an award-winning cowboy? Writer Mike Cox helps bring the better-than-fiction tale to life.




Death&TaxesDeath, Taxes, and Hot Pink Legwarmers

By Diane Kelly, BBA ’88, JD ’90

We can’t get enough of Tara Holloway, the IRS special agent who makes accounting sexy. In Kelly’s fifth Death and Taxes mystery installment, Holloway is pitted against a drug-dealing strip-club owner and the “Tennis Racketeers,” a group of Dallas country club buddies who perpetuate a mortgage fraud scheme. As usual, there’s romance, intrigue, and tax law aplenty.





Layout 1Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety, and Style

By Rachel Adelson, MA ’81

As the baby boomer generation ages, more and more seniors are living independently while facing the challenges of aging. Adelson offers practical advice for small updates that can make a big difference for seniors living at home, from the obvious (adding grab bars in the shower) to the not-so-obvious (set a test schedule for devices like smoke alarms and fire extinguishers). The book isn’t just for older folks: contractors and realtors who work with them will benefit, too.



Picture 1Prison Grievances: When to Write, How to Write

By Terri LeClercq, PhD ’77, Life Member

When a prisoner needs medical care or suffers mistreatment from a guard, what recourse does he have? Prisons have grievance procedures, but labyrinthine rules can be difficult for inmates to understand. Retired UT Law professor and legal writing expert Terri LeClercq has penned a graphic-novel guide for prisoners navigating the grievance system. Her admirable goal: to empower inmates to understand their legal rights and exercise them fairly.



Killing at Cotton HillA Killing at Cotton Hill

By Terry Shames, BA ’66

When murder comes to a small Texas town and the chief of police is too drunk to do his job, who do you call? Retired lawman Samuel Craddock comes out of retirement to crack the case of Dora Lee Parjeter’s murder. He soon learns that the seemingly placid town of Jarrett Creek holds more drama, mystery, and backstabbing than anyone ever imagined.





TheTrainStoppedThe Train Stopped in Orange: A Captivating Family History Revealed Through 1917 Texas Diaries

By Carrie Joiner Woliver, BA ’64, Life Member

The author presents her family history through the lens of her grandparents’ diaries from Orange, Texas. From the heartache of sending sons off to World War I to daily accounts of keeping house and enjoying life in a bustling town, carefully excerpted diary entries are contextualized by Woliver’s own memories of her grandparents. Family photos and primary sources such as telegrams and letters fill out a portrait of Texas family life circa 1917.


55Years55 Years on the Bench

By Richard W. Varichak, BS ’58, MEd ’60, Life Member

An athletic coach is a teacher, a trainer, a cheerleader, and a counselor rolled into one. Dick Varichak should know—he’s been a coach since age 14, when he volunteered to teach peers to play softball. Before his retirement in 2008, Varichak coached six sports with all ages and everywhere from Japan to Texas. His patience and uncommon skill is clear in this thoughtful memoir.





The Manager's GuideThe Manager’s Guide to Building a Successful Business

By Gary W. Randazzo, BBA ’75, Life Member

Whether you’re thinking of starting a new business or expanding one, this clear, back-to-basics guidebook has something to offer all managers. From marketing to pricing, sales to product development, Randazzo shares case studies and strategies based on his extensive management consulting experience.





Act of Redemption copyAct of Redemption

By Robert A. Grand, BS ’88

Grand has imagined a dark world with an elite anti-terrorism force called Reaper Two-Six. This military thriller includes lots of big guns and futuristic technology, as well as detailed action sequences and fast-paced drama. The second volume in a trilogy, Act of Redemption follows Reaper Two-Six’s struggle to recover a stolen hypersonic stealth airplane from the hands of terrorists.


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