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This brightly colored fashion trend has proven more resilient than anyone could’ve ever imagined (or desired). That’s right: neon is making a comeback. You can’t miss it—in fact, that’s the point. From highlighter yellow and hot pink to electric blue, the almost-obnoxious 1980s style is back on the Forty Acres. Let’s just hope Flock of Seagulls hairdos stay in the ’80s where they belong.



Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat

Last fall, Bryan Bundesen of Ohio posted a photo of his brother’s grouchy-looking feline, Tardar Sauce, on Reddit. Pictures of “Grumpy Cat” went viral, and she’s since made an appearance on the Today Show and landed a contract with Friskies cat food. During SXSW in March, Austinites and UT students lined up downtown for the chance to snap a photo with the Internet’s grumpiest cat—whose disposition, as we learned firsthand, is actually quite mellow.


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