The University and the War

In honor of our centennial, we’ve dug deep into a century’s worth of Alcalde issues to bring you a fascinating look at how the Forty Acres has changed over the years.


The University and the War

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the citizens of the United States became deeply entrenched in a wartime way of a life—and the UT community was no exception. An article in the February 1945 Alcalde took a look back at Longhorns’ involvement in the war and declared: “If the Army-Navy ‘E’ (an honor presented to companies for excellence in war production) were conferred on educational institutions, the big blue flag with its white emblem for excellence would surely fly in front of the towering University of Texas main building.”

Here’s a look at UT’s impact during the Second World War.



Former Longhorns who engaged in military service during WWII.



Of UT labs—including physics, chemistry,
and engineering—dedicated to war research during WWII.



Men and women who trained in the Engineering, Science, Management, and War Training Program at UT.



Cadets and student pilots who went through UT’s Naval Flight Preparatory School.



Worth of treasury issues and war savings bonds UT purchased during the war.


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