Talk Back: Responses to Our March|April Issue

Talk Back: Responses to Our March|April Issue

O Captain! My Captain!

This year’s “Texas 10”—alumni picks for the most inspiring professors on campus—made a lot of readers want to stand on their desks.

Matthew Harrison, BS ’84, was one of many John McKetta fans. “John McKetta taught me distillation in 1983 and taught my father thermodynamics back in the ’50s,” he wrote. “He always kept the class entertaining.”

John Casstevens, BS ’74, MS ’76, said, “The first introduction to astronomy course I took was taught by Harlan Smith. I enjoyed it so much I took a second course called observational astronomy taught by Dr. Bash. Between those two guys my life was changed. I manufactured optics for the so-called Star Wars program, worked on X-ray telescopes, space-based surveillance, and military and space optics. Now I own an optical instruments company and look at the sky all the time. Thank you, Dr. Bash.”

Gretchen Ritter, vice provost for undergraduate education and faculty governance, said, “[Ruth Buskirk] is constantly going out of her way to help students. She’s one of the real gems on our campus.”

Carinita Greene, PhD ’06, said, “Dr. Richard Cherwitz exemplifies what the very best professors offer to their students: excellent teaching and mentoring, exemplary scholarship, and a passion for learning.”


Kay Comes Home

Our feature about Kay Bailey Hutchison’s storied political career inspired Lilia Luckie McCall, who said, “She is an amazing lady—one I have known ever since the days of Texas Women’s Alliance and working closely with my mother to get her elected in Wharton City. Her dedication to Texas and its problems should be an inspiration to all young women entering politics.”

Loren Campos, BS ’11, had a bone to pick with the former Senator. “[She’s] a great model for any Longhorn. At the same time, it perplexes me that in 2010 she stopped short the dreams of many undocumented Longhorn students who constantly visited her offices asking for her support for the DREAM Act.”


Friends in High Places

Our online coverage of the outpouring of support from members of the Texas Legislature for President Powers in February was a rallying cry for several readers.

David Fowler, BS ’60, MS ’62, Life Member, professor of engineering, said, “I am delighted that both the Senate and the House passed resolutions supporting our president. He is doing a great job—he also deserves the support of the regents and the governor.”

Fred T. Blanton cautioned, “Board members are to make policy and hire a chancellor, not to micromanage, administer to their cronies, and create a political environment.”

Bob Peterson, BA ’72, questioned the regents’ priorities. “If I were a UT regent or a holder of political office in Texas my goal would be to leave a legacy of high quality rather than mass production of education.”


Comment of the Month

David Carter, BFA ’94, Life Member, offered us some real validation on Facebook. “I always look forward to reading each issue of the Alcade to see how my fellow alumni have impacted and continue to impact our world. And the baby pics. The baby pics are awesome. Thank you again.”

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