May|June Alumni Authors

Chickamauga 1863Chickamagua 1863: Rebel Breakthrough

By Alexander Mendoza, BJ ’93, Life Member

University of North Texas professor Mendoza is an expert in military history. In this installment of the Battles and Leaders of the American Civil War series, Mendoza examines the Battle of Chickamauga, largely considered to be the Confederacy’s last major victory. While the battle is no household name today, it was devastating: nearly 34,500 soldiers were killed. Military history buffs will enjoy Mendoza’s thorough account, which is accompanied by ample primary source documents including letters, maps, and photos.




Cell Bio COVERCellular Biology: Organelles, Structure, Function

By April Chloe Terrazas, BS ’10, Life Member

If learning what’s inside a cell doesn’t sound like fun to you, then you haven’t seen this book. Aimed at “audiences 0-75,” this playfully illustrated guide—book one in the Super Smart Science series—explains the function of each organelle in a jargon-free way (“Membrane proteins move small things in and out of the cell.”). Even if youngsters aren’t ready to master the fundamentals of biology, they’ll be drawn to the candy-colored sketches and large font.





LassotheMoonLasso the Moon

By Dick Sheffield, BBA ’71

ABC News producer Sheffield’s first novel will appeal to golf enthusiasts, romantics, and mid-life crisis survivors alike. Lasso the Moon tells the story of high-powered New York attorney William Bradford, who leaves his career to return home to a little Texas town and rediscover himself. Along the way, he finds an unusual mentor and learns that the lessons of golf apply both on and off the green.






Introductions2Introductions by Bernard Darwin

Edited by Dick Verinder, BBA ’65, Life Member

Known as the king of golf writers, Bernard Darwin (1876-1961) was a British amateur golfer and a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. In his prolific career, Darwin wrote dozens of introductions for a wide range of books—on golf, of course, but also on Charles Dickens, Sherlock Holmes, gardening, and more. Verinder has collected these introductions, highlighting Darwin’s encyclopedic knowledge of the sport as well as his dry wit. named this limited-edition anthology to its “Top 10 Golf Books of 2012.”



KMBT_C454-20130313144232Twit Publishing Presents PULP! Winter/Spring 2013

Edited by Chris Gabrysch, BA ’06

Horror, crime, Western, sci-fi, mystery, action, and adventure are all among the “pulp” genres that Gabrysch has anthologized in the final edition of his PULP! series. From an angry troupe of clowns to an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare, the book is full of zany tales that don’t take themselves too seriously, even at their scariest.




Unspoken BondUnspoken Bond

By Deane Gremmel, BBA ’81, Life Member

In this emotional drama, a troubled UT student befriends a stray dog and a mysterious woman. Alumni will recognize familiar scenes like Sixth Street, the Drag, and the stadium, plus a colorful cast of characters including a former UT football star with a violent streak.


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