Judging By Our Covers

Celebrity alumni, sports stars, iconic campus buildings, mind-bending abstract illustrations—Alcalde covers have run the gamut throughout the past century, and some designs have aged better than others.


towerJanuary 1966
A rare campus snowball fight fills us with nostalgia.








drummerJanuary 1960
We love this fierce, timeless portrait of the first female drummer in the Longhorn Band.







lewisMarch|April 2011
Both retro and modern, this take on SXSW founder Lewis Black is one of our favorites.









vince.jpgMarch|April 2006
Readers called this cover “completely wrong” and “hideous.”









computerMarch|April 1984
A jogging computer—get it? We don’t either.








headNovember 1972
Not sure what’s scarier: the lobotomy or the mustache!


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