Five Essential Longhorn Beers

Craft beer is now commonplace in Austin (“Brewtopia,” May|June 2013), and dozens of those local brews are created by UT alumni. Here are five to try.Stash 4pack(512) Wit

By 512 Brewing

Alcohol content: 5.10%

This Belgian beer is light and crisp. The spiced flavors of grapefruit, coriander, and wheat blend nicely to create a smooth, tart beer. Beers from (512) are only available on tap and in growlers.


Pearl Snap Pils

By Austin Beerworks

Alcohol content: 5.3%

We were recommended the Black Thunder, but no one can deny that Austinites love Pearl Snap. This green-canned Pilsner is a clear gold that has just enough carbonation.


Stash IPA

Independence Brewing Co.

Alcohol content: 7%

This smooth beer pours in a light honey-colored gold with a floral aroma. The sweet, malty flavor typical in pale ales finished with a kick of hops, and is just sweet enough to balance out that summer barbecue.


By Live Oak Brewing Company

Alcohol content: 4.8%

The opaque black lager isn’t a porter or a stout, and it won’t sit heavily in your stomach. This specialty lager is flowery and has a nice, clean finish, and will be available until the end of May.


Firemans #4

By Real Ale

Alcohol content: 5.10%

This light, golden ale is a great entry point for anyone new to craft beer. In the heat of summer, this refreshing blonde ale has a great balance between malt and hop profiles so it won’t overwhelm new drinkers.


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