Our Centennial Issue Cover: Who’s Who


In honor of our centennial, the May|June issue of the Alcalde featured photos of Longhorns from the past 100 years. Below, find out who they are.

Clockwise from top left:

Longhorn twirler
Shirley Ann (Snipes) Jones, BS ’62
1959 Cactus Yearbook

Man facing backwards with horns up
1970 Cactus Yearbook

Two women in matching Texas sweaters
Two university co-eds at the Lido Lounge
1956 Cactus Yearbook

Man in suit and tie with horns up
Coach Abe Lemons
1979 Cactus Yearbook

Jumping Longhorn cheerleader
Pamela (McGee) Rushing, BBA ’80
1979 Cactus Yearbook

Bevo VIII, UT mascot from 1957-65
July|August 1983 Alcalde

Woman in white with horns up
1963 Cactus Yearbook

Woman with pigtails
Diane Swendeman, College of Liberal Arts
1970 Cactus Yearbook

Woman in plaid pants
Jinny Kang, BBA, MPA ’05
July|August 20o1 Alcalde

Man in UT letterman jacket
Murray Wall, BBA ’51
1950 Cactus Yearbook

Longhorn cheerleader
Traci Wilcots Waller, College of Liberal Arts
1983 Cactus Yearbook

Longhorn football player
Ricky Williams, College of Education
January 1999 Alcalde

Man leaning on the “0”
Roger Raydel Campbell, BJ ’84
1984 Cactus Yearbook

Man in suit and hat
Gov. Robert Allan Shivers
1953 Cactus Yearbook

Woman in satin dress
Marguerite (Bullard) Boothe, BA ’33
1930 Cactus Yearbook

Cover illustration by Sean McCabe.


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