A University of the First Class: Kay Bailey Hutchison

On the occasion of the Alcalde’s 100th anniversary, we asked Longhorns what “a University of the first class” means to them.

A University of the First Class

Kay Bailey Hutchison

LLB ’67, BA ’92, Life Member, Distinguished Alumna
Former U.S. Senator

Hutchison_Kay_4x5Some may think “first class” means elite. That would be a misunderstanding of the vision of our forefathers and mothers. Their goal was to make the best education available to all citizens. At the time, most universities in the U.S. were private; but our leaders committed resources to public excellence. The future of Texas depends on an educated populace to grow and prosper. In the 21st century, the goal set for The University of Texas is achieved through two priorities. First, there has been an attempt to establish a fair admissions policy that would accurately judge the capabilities of students regardless of means, and providing means, when needed. Second, our University seeks to provide an education that prepares students to compete with graduates of the most prestigious universities in America; to provide the experience and knowledge to innovate, keeping Texas and America on top.

That our state lands would produce oil reserves may have been beyond the vision of our early leaders, but their tenacity in protecting the land for education paid off. The endowment for The University of Texas, one of the largest in America, has proven to be a wise investment, producing the state’s business, professional, academic, community, and government leaders for 130 years.

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Illustration by Sean McCabe.


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