A University of the First Class: Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

On the occasion of the Alcalde’s 100th anniversary, we asked Longhorns what “a University of the first class” means to them.

A University of the First Class

Elizabeth Richmond-Garza

Associate Professor, English

Our excellence is solidly based on our particularity, on those unique things that UT-Austin shares with the world. While some suggest that a book becomes part of world literature because everyone can relate to it, Richmond-Garza, Elizabeth 2009my experience is that it also needs rich, local texture. Burnt orange and Bevo, James Michener’s legacy, and Alexander Phimister Proctor’s Mustangs give the Forty Acres its special feel, just as the cultural history of the state of Texas shapes our community. A university of the first class should share excellence with other great institutions. It should share academic ambition and success with our world. Finally, it should share its own character with all who step onto its campus. The University of Texas offers a warm—and very Texan—welcome to our state, region, and world.

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Illustration by Sean McCabe.


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