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Think of it as the new Pig Latin, except instead of inverting syllables, you’re adding a bunch of R’s to imitate the speech of someone wearing an orthodontic retainer.

Birthed from a meme featuring a woman holding books from the once-popular Goosebumps book series, “ermahgerd” is a lisped pronunciation of “oh my God” that has now spiraled into a pseudo-language with its own online translator. Even popular Austin restaurant El Arroyo is participating, posting “Ermahgerd Terx-Merx” on its famous sign in January.


Though it’s nothing new for dedicated “Redditors,” social news site Reddit—which has been around since 2005—is on the rise, thanks to its role in helping photos and videos go viral. Started by two University of Virginia grads, Reddit allows users to post links to online content in a forum-like setting. User votes affect how prominently a story is placed on the page. UT-Austin has its own “subreddit” on the site, where students discuss topics that range from new student clubs to the best spots for a nap on campus.

This award-winning HBO dramedy may be about a group of female friends living in New York, but don’t expect any Sex and the City glitz or glamour. Now a huge hit in its second season, Girls is the brainchild of writer, director, and star Lena Dunham, who embraces the awkwardness and grittiness of 20-somethings trying to make something of themselves. Though the show has been no stranger to controversy—some scenes are sexually explicit—students are drawn to its raw relatability. And so are critics: Girls nabbed two statues at this year’s Golden Globes.


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