Does Johnny Manziel Have a Longhorn Tattoo?

All-star Texas A&M quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner, and … secret Longhorn fan?

Yep, Aggies everywhere are cringing today thanks to a very surprising photo of Johnny Manziel—AKA Johnny Football and all-around A&M golden boy—that is going viral online.

In the photo, which was first posted on Busted Coverage, Manziel is pictured posing shirtless with friends on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. The kicker: very visible on his abdomen is a tattoo—of a Longhorn!

Whether the tattoo is fake or Photoshopped remains to be seen, but the image led Busted Coverage to do a little digging into Manziel’s background. Turns out, there may be reason to believe the tat is legitimate.

According to his bio on the Aggie Athletics site, Manziel grew up dreaming of playing on the Forty Acres, even sporting burnt-orange gear around his hometown of Tyler, Texas.

What do you think: real or fake?

Update: Manziel himself put the debate to rest last night on Twitter:

Photo courtesy Busted Coverage.



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