A Longhorn Engagement in Hawaii

Alyssa Hudson, BA ’08, Life Member, and Ryan Clark, BS ’07, got engaged in Hawaii last month—twice. Their unconventional engagement was part planned, part improvised, and 100 percent Longhorn.

It all started, Hudson says, when she and Clark were planning their trip to Hawaii. Clark is a basketball blogger and diehard orangeblood who hasn’t missed a single UT basketball game since 2006, so it was natural for the duo to watch the Longhorns at the Maui Invitational.

“Whenever we plan a trip, we each pick something we really want to do,” Hudson explains. “I picked snorkeling, and Ryan picked a bike ride at a volcano.” After some research, she became suspicious of the volcano plan—and of her then-boyfriend’s intentions. “It sounded a little dangerous, but he was really adamant that we do it,” she says. “I’m usually the risk-taker, not him, so I began to suspect he would propose.”

Clark knew he’d been found out, but he still wanted to surprise her. So on the beach in Hawaii, he dropped to one knee and proposed with his great-grandmother’s vintage ring. The heirloom was a stand-in for a new ring.

“Your new ring isn’t ready yet, but it will be,” Clark promised.

The next day, they explored Maui’s Haleakala volcano as a newly betrothed couple—and Clark shocked Hudson by proposing a second time with the new ring.

“He’d told me a little white lie about the ring not being ready,” she says. “The surprise was absolutely wonderful.”

Clark and Hudson, who live in Austin, are planning a spring 2014 wedding.




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