Bevo the Miracle Dog

Ben A. Culpepper, BBA ’75, JD ’77, and  Joy O. Culpepper, BS ’78, MEd ’81, Life Members, live in San Antonio. Ben submitted this photo of their poodle mix, Bevo.

In May, Bevo was injured in an altercation with three other dogs. After a tough week in veterinary intensive care, he pulled through—with what Ben believes is a sign of the pup’s good fortune. The pup’s previously all-white fur was shaved for surgery, and it grew back with what Ben calls a “burnt-orange patch near his tail.”

“I don’t know if Bevo’s vet can explain this, but since I am sure his vet is an Aggie I wouldn’t even dare ask him,” Ben says. “Bevo is doing just fine and advises he has no plans to add any more burnt-orange spots.”



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