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Classy Noodles, Chunky Headphones, Colorful Kicks

Gourmet Ramen: Boring noodle soup no more! The cheap college staple is getting a makeover, thanks to some inspiration from Austin’s first gourmet Ramen noodle house, Ramen Tatsu-Ya. Though not quite as affordable as 20-cent flavored Ramen packages, the North Austin restaurant, opened in September, is giving students ideas. From spinach to chicken and sliced veggies, Longhorns are classing up their noodles and creating healthier—and tastier—home-cooked meals.


Beats by Dre: If you thought big, chunky headphones were relics of the past, think again. Despite the popularity of earbuds, rap artist Dr. Dre’s collection of colorful over-the-head headphones can be seen all over campus on guys and girls alike. In fact, the Beats by Dre brand is so popular, it landed Dr. Dre at the top of Forbes’ Cash Kings List this year. The headphones boast high-quality sound and outside noise reduction—great for studying and perfect for students with noisy roommates.



Nail Art: Glitter, jewels, patterns, stick-ons—taking a cue from the New York Fashion Week runways in September, UT students are now using their nails as canvases. From the swirly, time machine manicures of Nicole Miller to the glitter nail strips of Alice + Olivia, Longhorns have been inspired to try their hands at nail art. Even the artistically challenged can participate: decorative stick-on nail strips are available at drugstores near campus.


Nike SB’s: Nike’s Skateboarding line is nothing new—it’s been around since 2002—but its latest collection of flat-bottomed sneakers seems to have caught the attention of Longhorns this semester. Thanks to a range of customizing options, students are walking the Forty Acres sporting true works of art, often in bright colors. But Nike SB’s aren’t simply shoes; some UT “sneakerheads” collect the shoes, which appreciate in value over time.




Photos courtesy of Migs Fernandez; Nike


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