UT Student Struck By Bus ‘Didn’t Know What Hit Him’ [Watch]

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More than a month after he was plowed into by a CapMetro bus on the Drag, UT freshman Nick Engmann is taking to the airwaves to talk about the day Foam Sword Friday almost turned fatal.

The fun of Foam Sword Friday, a stress-relieving end-of-semester tradition, came to an abrupt halt when Engmann—lovingly dubbed “the boy who lived”—stepped into the intersection in front of the Co-op and was struck by an accelerating city bus. Defying death, the electrical engineering major managed to hop to his feet and move quickly to the safety of the sidewalk—where he finally discovered what had hit him.

“It wasn’t until I got up, I looked at the bus, I looked at the faces of everyone surrounding me where I actually said, ‘Wow, did I just get hit by a bus?’” he said yesterday in an interview on Good Morning America. “In all honesty, I thought someone just pushed me over.”

Though he was rushed to the hospital immediately after the accident, Engmann said he only spent two hours in the emergency room before walking out with just a sling on his arm.

A video of Engmann’s accident went viral in early May, showing up on Gawker, the Huffington Post, and even the Washington Post. Most recently, the clip appeared on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, where host Daniel Tosh played the video in slow motion while poking fun at the almost-tragedy.

For more on Foam Sword Friday and Engmann’s accident, click here.


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