Konichiwa—and Hook ’em—From Kyoto

When you meet someone who’s learning your language, what’s the first thing you talk about? Probably something fundamental to your culture and your identity. So naturally, when Lisa Rubin met three Japanese college students, she immediately taught them the Hook ’em Horns.

Rubin, BS ’03, MEd ’04, was visiting Kyoto’s Kiyomizu Temple with her husband, Eric. She says taking this photo was especially fun, since she got to share Longhorn love while also poking fun at Eric, whose allegiances lie elsewhere. “[It] was very satisfying for me since my Aggie husband took the photo!” she gloats.

Here’s hoping there isn’t a second “gig ’em” photo the Rubins aren’t telling us about.

From left: Lisa Rubin, Kana, Kohe, and Maiko.


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