For the BCS, “Playoff” No Longer a Dirty Word

For years, fans—right up to the president of the United States—have been arguing about the justice (and injustice) of the Bowl Championship Series.

Playoff was the forbidden “p” word. Well, now commissioners say they’ve agreed to start using it.

Eleven conference commissioners and Notre Dame’s athletic director want to limit the playoff to four teams starting in the 2014 season.

Sports Illustrated says falling back to the old way is a long shot. Rick Reilly of ESPN rejoices.

There will be kinks to be worked out, of course. The power brokers have to figure out how to pick the teams, where and when to play the games, and how bowls might or might not fit in.

We bet Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds, a longtime playoff proponent, is excited. But what could this mean for the Longhorns in your humble opinion? Let the discussion commence.


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