Big 12 Alumni Directors Unite

Once a year, I get the opportunity to meet with all of my fellow Big 12 Alumni Directors, and this year the conference was held May 21-23 at Kansas State. Those wildcats take showing pride through school colors to a whole new level, as I had no idea just how many types of products could be produced in DEEP PURPLE. With the exception of TCU, the directors from all the Big 12 schools attended.

We compared a myriad of notes. We talked about student programming and how to engage students deeply and broadly early on. We relayed how each of our relationships with our schools’ Athletics departments works. We discussed the importance and meaning of membership. Lastly, we talked about how just nine months ago, speculation swirled about the future of the conference, yet now we are very strong and very stable. As a fan of a 10-team conference, where each school could all play the others, I was glad to hear widespread interest in sticking together.

Of course, we had a great time. All of my peers are awesome people (no matter which team they cheer for). They are passionate about their alumni organizations and their schools. Evening festivities included camaraderie with my OU counterpart, JP Audas (picture above).

I’d like to give a big thank you to the alumni association at K-state for making all of us feel right at home and basked us in a purple glow.

Long live the Big 12!


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