UT Fashion Blogger’s Spring Must-Haves

Growing up, UT journalism senior Jessica Lee had what she calls a stylish “Anthropologie” mom, complete with a closet Lee dreamed of raiding even at a young age.

With such a fashion presence in her life, it’s no wonder Lee combined two of her passions, writing and fashion, by starting her blog Sparkle & Stripes in January. On the site, Lee posts photos of the outfits she puts together and her favorite current trends—but she hasn’t always been confident enough to put pictures of herself on the Web.

“I’ve always been someone that had low self-esteem,” Lee says. “I never would have thought I’d be posting pictures and having people stare at me, but I had to face my fears head-on. The blog helps a lot because it’s all out there, whether people like or dislike what I’m doing.”

Lee’s self-professed girly, vintage style most often lends itself to dresses and skirts, prompting one friend to point out that she always looks like she’s going to a tea party. Her wardrobe gains its eclectic feel from thrifting; one of her favorite places to shop is the Goodwill Blue Hanger Outlet in South Austin.

“It’s only like $2 per pound of clothing!” Lee says.

While that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, Lee points out that that’s one reason she has fallen in love with Austin: the acceptance of different, maybe not-so-mainstream fashion senses.

“No one should be judging anyone else on their style,” she says. “Style should be something you are comfortable with personally. It’s great that Austin is so open to everyone expressing themselves in their own way.”

This spring, Lee will be expressing her uniquely vintage style by wearing her go-to clothing item: floral dresses.

“I own a ridiculous amount of florals,” Lee laughs.

See how to wear Lee’s other spring must-haves—colored jeans, denim vests, and wedges—below!

“These actually used to be red, but they faded when I washed them. I still love them though! Colored jeans are an easy trend to try, because they’re just like regular jeans. It’s not too risky! I love a high-waisted cut because it’s very flattering.”

Wearing: Shirt, Asos. Jeans, Urban Outfitters.

“A denim vest is amazing because it goes with everything, and you can throw it on over a nice dress and it’ll instantly become something for day. Also, the floral print of this dress is perfect for the spring season.”

Wearing: Dress, vintage. Denim vest, Forever 21. Sandals, Mia. Sunglasses, Ray Ban.

“Wedges are so much easier to wear during the daytime because they aren’t as formal as most high heels. Cork especially screams spring to me.”

Wearing: Jeans, Urban Outfitters. Wedges, American Eagle.

Photos courtesy Jessica Lee.


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